Pink House
Pink House Press lll – Rooms, Pink House Antwerp (BE)

Naughty Kids, collab Pink House, Royal academy off fine arts Antwerp (BE)
En daarna met vruchten gooien, installation collab Machteld, Pink House Antwerp (BE)
Pink house Press ll – The power to move your business, Antwerp (BE)
Pink House Press l – The anti angelic host, Antwerp (BE)
The Whether or Not Assumptions, MerlynT.Miller , Paris Texas,
Antwerp (BE)

Sorry Label release - Pink noise, Pink House Antwerp, (BE)
De nieuwe lucht, uninvited residency collab with sorry, Air Antwerpen (BE)
How to document a performance, Belgium performance festival lll, brussels (BE)
Porn in antwerp Pink House collab Sorry intervention, Antwerp (BE)
A one night show, Pink House Bar collab Timo Van Grinsven, Jo caimo en Karina Beumer, AIR Antwerp (BE)
hosting Belgium Performance festival ll, Pink house Antwerp, (BE)
hosting mega solo ensemble : Jo Caimo, Pink house Antwerp (BE)
hosting artist in therapy, Pink house Antwerp (BE)
Pink Parade collab PAB, Antwerp art weekend (BE)


hosting Black Decay, groupexpo collab Ada Van Hoorebeeke, Pink House Antwerp (BE)
hosting Arabische tekens, poetryfestival collab sorry and BIN, Pink House Antwerp (BE)
hosting Hotel Pink House, Pink House antwerp, (BE)
Donkerwit Factor 44 Antwerp (BE)
Komaan bamaan chamaan maanis publicationhappening collab Skybox MAGMA FoolMoon . Factor 44 Antwerp (BE)
Nema Tog podruma 5 gramme, Factor 44 Antwerp (BE)

Het testen van de nieuwe warmte, multiplehappening, LIIIm Antwerp (BE)
Deamons & Shell scripts . project roggbiv + bossiaire Muhka Antwerp (BE)

VIP groupshow, Hole off the fox Antwerp (BE)
hosting 7MAGMA7, magma Antwerp (BE)
MAGMA crowded, magma Antwerp (BE)
Ruimte voor de kleine dingen from Lore Scheurman, Middelheim park Antwerp (BE)
puntje puntje puntje groupexpo and a lot off food collecting, Skybox Antwerp (BE)
Nema Toag podruma. happening, factor 44 Antwerp (BE)

hosting MAGMA 5+6 groupexpo , MAGMA Antwerp (BE)
hosting MAGMA 4, MAGMA Antwerp (BE)
Bang Bang, Strictly Rabbit Ghent (BE)
Time to Pretend, The white house gallery Leuven (BE)

Groupexpo :
MAGMA 3, Antwerp (BE)
MAGMA 2, Antwerp (BE)
Bright Tomoroow, Strictly Rabbit Ghent (BE)

Groupexpo :
MAGMA 1, Antwerp (BE)
Strictly Rabbit 5 6 7, Strictly Rabbit Ghent (BE)
De Lading, Strictly Rabbit Wetteren (BE)

Gewoon, groupshow curator Jan Henderikse, De branderij Antwerp (BE)

contribution PHPress l+ll+lll
De nieuwe lucht collab Liesje De Laet
Pink Papers collab sorry
black decay collab Ada Van Hoorebeeke
komaan chamaan bamaan maanis collab skybox

Mobile Monastry, a.pass Brussels
Hosting hotel Pink House Antwerp, Pink House Antwerp
hosting 7magma7, MAGMA Antwerp
BIN, artist run space
Visitor in residence, Bolsano with Saori kuno
2008-2010 master textile design Sint Lucas Ghent
2004-2008 master Jewelry design, Royal Academy off fine arts Antwerp